alfonzo-the-cat and me in our slugbox cosplays!

oh my gosh the tail is perf

My favorite time to eat is 5 minutes after I feel like I can’t possibly eat any more.

I ate so much. Wow. 



Drew some Spec for raikissu because cute and shit. I’ll post the others to [Fur Affinity] shortly

?????? this is ALSO AWESOME?



Shiny Mega Lopunny Gijinka commission for Animus095


I love when people complain about Nicki Minaj wearing revealing clothes and ~sexualizing herself~ like man if I looked like Nicki Minaj I don’t think I’d wear any clothes

I’m taking Sweet Pea to his first vet visit tomorrow! Wish us luck, he’s been sneezing a lot the last two days and I want to make sure he’s ship shape.

If white people put comparatively little effort into their appearance, it's likely because white people are the ones who are constantly telling each other that "you're beautiful, you're beautiful no matter what you look like," and then if anyone suggests that someone's not perfectly beautiful then white women start yelling "appearance shaming," and start hitting people with big sticks because they have a lot of free time to spend worrying about what strangers say to strangers within earshot. :0


She liked the german home but my family even more. 

that last face is precious