Alright I’m beat. Night ya nerds.

It’s just messed cause… when you give someone art as a gift that’s supposed to be special. 

You might as well just color in a page from a coloring book and call it a gift. 

Damn… tracing tho. 

Haven’t done that since elementary school. Not including tracing over my own shit for better lines.

Vani is amazing. Quit attacking her. You can't even do more than one pose.


Man I could do like 400 poses if I traced too.


Ok so I was okay keeping my mouth shut (for the most part lmao) until she posted an art pack. Tracing for like the fun of tracing (and learning) is not as bad as tracing and getting paid to do so. But it’s still bad. And not cool.

miss-vani is a pretty ballsy tracer. Tracing slugbox mostly, and I’m sure many other people. I could waste hours of my life going through her gallery finding the things she’s stolen.. but this should be proof enough.

At the very least she needs to be crediting the people she’s tracing as well as letting people she does art trades and commissions for that the pieces are not her own original creations.

Please do not buy her art pack or commission her and support this.

Tumblr user Stringmouse is the most beautiful girl in the world. Her face is neat.


*stares intensely at my friends’ selfies*


A Doctor Bunny for Rose

I wish my doctor was this cute…